From 0-15,000pcs within 2 months, how we solved problems and grow ♥

For the past two months, FITGEAR™ has expanded vastly thanks to all of our customers’ continuous support. However, we understand that some issues are bound to happen and we’d like to let of you know that we managed to overcome the current challenges. Rest assured, we strive to provide better shopping experience for our customers.

FITGEAR™ founding team

We hear you. We keep improving.


Reflective Back-tape

First and foremost, we regret that the first batch delivered to our customers is defective as it was missing its signature reflective label. Therefore, we have improved and increased the testing procedure of all of the sub-materials and increase 150% quality control of the new inventory stocks keeps for the upcoming batches.

Faster Delivery 

Over the two months period, it was unfortunate that we have suffered limited production capacity in the beginning which has caused an immense delivery delay in 3 to 4 weeks. After further discussion, we have since invested our profit to 3x our production capacity in the next 6 months so that we can proceed with 5 to 7 days worldwide delivery.

7-Day Return Guarantee 

We would also like to highlight our 1-2% return rates due to sizing issue. Not to worry, we now offer 7 days exchange policy to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their final purchase.

We’d like to inform all of you that we got what you want! We know you’re going to be excited, so we want you to know that we’re launching a few new colors for our Wind t-shirts in the upcoming weeks! So stay tuned and be in the lookout for our next updates!

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FITGEART™ is founded by a group of fashion designers with a simple idea: "Why shall we pay so much for premium quality."

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