Why Heather Series


We’re unlocking our new Wind Series Heather Collection as we’ve reached a milestone of 22,000 customers worldwide.

Our new Wind Series Heather Collection takes inspiration from the resolute belief that your workout should be an extension of your style, not an exception.

It has never been cooler to look like you are moments away from a workout, without actually having to raise your heart rate. We believe sporty essentials are now replacing your everyday t-shirts and we want our Heather Collection to turn your activewear into a serious style statement.

Our new Heather collection comes in 2 hues; sky blue and wine red with a Mélange effect by popular demand. The unique Heather or Mélange effect is achieved by giving painstaking attention and detail to the process of cross dyeing fabrics made from more than one type of fibre.

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We constantly strive to improve with each collection while still maintaining our Wind Series trademark which is the cornerstone of our success as well as humble beginnings.

The Heather Collection features size improvements as we hear and value feedbacks from our customers. For our men’s Heather Collection, we are diversifying our sizes up to 2XL. As for our women’s Heather Collection, we have upgraded our sizes to a size larger. This means that our S size Heather Collection is the equivalent of our M size Wind Series.

With our innovative, low cost and “direct to consumer” business structure, we are able to provide premium quality at the most honest price but we do need the volume to lower our cost. Do invite your friends and shop in bulk!

Sweat in style with FITGEAR!
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