Wind Daypack (24L)

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  • Wind Daypack (24L)
Wind Daypack (24L) Wind Daypack (24L)

Wind Daypack (24L)

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    "120 grams - Probably the world's lightest backpack."

    FITGEAR™ Wind Daypack

    FITGEAR ™ Wind Daypack is a 24L 100% waterproof backpack that's made with CORDURA | Military-grade material. This ultralight backpack is durable and perfect for travel and outdoor adventures. Packable, Durable and Lightweight* - It's designed for travelers/adventurers for a day trip! 
    1. Weight: 120 grams
    2. Capacity: 24L
    3. Pouch Dimensions: 4.9 x 3 inches
    4. Backpack Dimensions: 20 x 11 inches
    5. IP 25 (Solid,Liquid)


    Designed in Stockholm, Sweden. 

    FITGEAR™ Original

    ★★★★★ trusted by 22,000 customers worldwide.

    *CORDURA ULTRALIGHT is an extremely lightweight material and should be tested before use in conditions with the presence of water. Please ensure the item is not subjected to abrasion to maintain waterproofing. The bag is NOT suitable for submersion in any body of water.



    We travel the world to find the lightest and most durable backpack material. More than 1,000 customers had participated in the product design in the past 2 months...

    it's finally here.


    Wind Daypack:

    Wind Daypack uses the finest materials available in the outdoor industry to offer superior performance in the smallest possible package.  Pocket size packable backpack suited for real adventure.  Ideal for world travelers or use as a summit pack,it packs away to fit in the palm of your hand and unpacks into a 24 Liter backpack with a waterproof main compartment